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Jason ClemensHey guys,

My name is Jason.

I decided to spread a little bit of my knowledge based on my own personal experience to other people so that they can get results.

It’s my goal to help you take your fitness to the next level so that you can be confident with your body.

All I do on a daily basis is simply share eating, exercise, food tips, everything along the lines of burning fat getting the body you want, all with the idea of doing it so you can see fast results.

Nothing worse than having to basically exercise extreme discipline in your eating or bust your butt in the gym only to have it span 30 days out without seeing results.

So why we’re here is that we like to see results within 7 days or less to know that… hey, we are on the right path and we are losing weight and that gives us the motivation to continue … and, of course… we want those results to actually be healthy.

So everything here I have found to work exceptionally well for that.

Exceptionally well!

And than the second part that I do you can simply find on my Facebook page which is a mix of weight loss (which a lot of people have found very beneficial) and than simply helpful life tips – which is an EXTREME passion of mine.

Now I’ve been doing this website since about 2007 with some breaks here and there writing online, making videos, coaching people in weight loss and I do a lot of other things too – a lot of entrepreneurial things which is a passion of mine also — so this is sort of like an “extra” for me.

I really really enjoy doing it, I love the people that I meet and more so than not I wanted to set this website up where people can come without getting “pitched” to and they can simply get some really good results.

So I guess that’s about it.

As far as why I’m qualified –

… like I said, the information is based off my personal results… so if you like my personal results – I played football in the Big Ten (a little ways back) and I shot my weight from 184 to 230 pounds and in doing so, as you can imagine, I developed quite a bit of excess fat, specifically around my belly.

Now I wasn’t what you would call fat – you wouldn’t look at me and say “HEY, this guy is fat”.

Cause I was in decent shape, but I had a lot of excess abnormal fat which tends to be the hardest thing to lose for people.

So, “long story short”, when I was done I struggled for years.

I did lose the weight but always struggled to lose the fat.  So basically what I want to share here is how I accomplished it.  And that’s what I share in all my videos you’ll find on my Facebook page or on my Youtube channel or in my blog on this site – all the tips all had a lot to do with helping me to achieve the results that I have.

Which currently I’m at 2010 pounds, I’m 6’2″ and I have a little bit less than 8 percent body fat… ok – so that’s pretty good (I’m currently hovering between 8 and 9.5 based on what I eat and my workout routine on weekly basis) and I owe the vast majority of it to the tips I share here.

Ok – so that’s a little bit about myself and why I feel this information works so good.

So – feel free to explore the site.

I look forward to getting to know you guys.

Feel free to comment on the posts, a lot of these posts are fairly new so you might be the first one commenting or “LIKING” the post, but feel free to do that.

Just get to know me.  Send me an email.  Send me questions if you’d like and like I said… I just really appreciate you taking the time to take a look at the site and I look forward to speaking with you in the future and I wish you all the best so have yourself a great day!

Keep it real,

Jason Clemens