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Carb Loading To Lose Belly Fat Fast

I’ve talked about carb loading to lose belly fat in other posts.

It works.

This is video series 3 of 20 in the lose belly fat, build muscle series of 20 videos I’m shooting.  In each video I’m sharing one tip that can help you with either lose belly fat or building muscle.

Carb loading just happens to work for both.

If you are anything like the majority of people out there you avoid carbs.  It pretty much the stupidest thing you can do in fitness if you are looking to improve your body.

My take is very simple, carbs and NOT protein are the single most important macro group when it comes to inducing remarkable changes in your body.

Protein is important, don’t get me wrong…. but carbs are your answer.

So, there’s one caveat here and that is that if you are a person who has not been able to get rid of belly fat and do not exercise very much then this is probably NOT going to work for you.

Regular intense exercise is the single most effective way to lose weight and burn fat.

Not your diet.

So that is the place to start.

I mean, I get people sending me messages about how they can’t seem to burn fat and they’ve tried “everything” and then I ask them what their workout regimen looks like and it’s pathetic.  You are not going to get the results you want walking on the treadmill two times per week for 30 minutes!

You need to stop being lazy and get your butt doing some intense forms of training.

Assuming you’ve taken my recommendations on that, then this is where you can use carb loading to lose belly fat fast.

What you have probably noticed is that even though you are exercising really hard you just can’t seem to get rid of all of the fat.

It seems logical that you should do more.  I mean, the answer must be to simply do more cardio and spend more amounts of time in the gym.  But you do that and it just seems to get worse for you.

You then make the single biggest mistake you can make and start to listen to the “low carbers” out there and you cut back on carbs.  You’ve probably been doing this for some time now.  You see it’s not working to you limit your carb intake even more and all that does is make you even more tired and impacts your workout negatively.

More exercise and less carbs are not helping you!


Well, I was stuck in this patter for most of my 20’s.

I wanted six pack abs.  Didn’t really get them.  I am 220 pounds so it’s harder to achieve.  I mean, if I had wanted to drop down to 190 pounds it would have been much easier for me but I wanted to keep my size.

I finally got to the point where I was fed-up and started to experiment.

I got into sprinting and other intense forms of cardio and that really worked to a point.

It was miraculous up to the point that you begin to put your body into a over-trained state.

What I was doing wrong (and I’d be willing to bet you are too) is that my carb intake was low.  So I would do my HIIT (High intensity interval training) a couple times per week over the course of a month and I’d begin to get in a state where I was not recovering.

The belly fat would just seem to stick there and the results I had achieved would simply begin to disappear.

Subcutaneous Fat

Then I discovered something I honestly can’t believe took me so long to figure out.  The “cheat meal”.

Up till this point I was so clean with my diet that I was literally “starving” it.

This is really common if you are a person who eats super clean and works out super hard.  I’m talking sprinting and intense forms of cardio combined with your weight lifting.

What happens is you are eating so clean that your muscle are not getting enough fuel.

Muscles burn glycogen.

Carbs are the single best source of glycogen.

oatmeal great carb source

When you train hard for weeks on end and you are low-carb dieting your body muscles begin to get depleted of glycogen and it triggers a semi-starvation state in your body and eventually you begin to cling to fat.

Well, the primary storage place that fills up first for most of us is the abdomen region and other problem areas.

As Mike Matthews indicates in his artice “The Definitive Guide To Why Low Carb Diets Suck”…

“When you reduce your carbohydrate intake, you reduce the amount of glycogen stored in the muscles. This, in turn, compromises your performance in the gym–you can expect a dramatic reduction in both muscle endurance and strength, which then limits the amount of progressive overload you can subject your muscles to in those workouts.”

I finally got so fed-up one Sunday I broke down and just began eating everything I had viewed as taboo.

I pounded a whole pizza.  Think I ate some cake.  I just stuffed myself.

What happened next was the miracle of carb loading to lose belly fat fast; I woke up the next day and my stomach region had significantly tightened up!

It was one of the single greatest fitness miracles I’d ever witnessed and it happened to me!

Muscular guy with ripped six pack abs

Now, if you’re asking me if I think you should do this the answer it YES.

BUT, only if you are already working out hard and experiencing what I described.

If you are a couch potato then the truth is that going low-carb for a while can make a difference.

This is why low-carb works for many people.

What you generally find is that these people are not exercising very hard and have a lower muscle density.  It also works for people like bodybuilders for about a week out from competition day.  I promise you it doesn’t work for much longer than that because they are training so hard and have very high muscle density (Their body requires large amounts of glycogen because of all the muscle.)

So, basically what I am saying here is that you will probably benefit a great deal by picking your carb intake up to at least two times your current intake and then giving yourself a carb loading day on your off day.

I am doing this and I have found no other way to keep the belly fat off of my body.

There is a balance to it of course.  I mean, you can’t eat junk everyday and expect this to work.

I eat clean forms of carbs

  • Oatmeal
  • Ezekiel Bread
  • Brown Rice.

You should experiment with it and see for yourself.

Check out the following video I discuss carb loading to lose belly fat briefly.  The transcript is below.

This is Video three and we’re gonna talk about fat loss today.

So, this concept of carb loading…

…a lot of you have heard that some of you haven’t heard about carb loading and this is gonna be especially important for those of you who already got your workouts on, you know, you got you’re intense exercise.

Your HIIT sessions in. (High Intensity Interval Training)

You’re lifting weights intensely and you’ve got that segment down but maybe it’s like you’re doing so much.

You’ve been doing it for months on end and so you got a lot of stubborn fat maybe under your mid-section and this was one of the biggest most difficult lessons to drive home, through my head because I struggled with this too and that is that I wasn’t taking in enough carbohydrate.

So, you hear carbs, you got to be on a low carb diet in order to get the fat loss.

That is total bull and absolutely counterproductive.

It will kill your fat loss if in fact you are training a lot.

Now, there is a one caveat to this of course… if you’ve got 50 to 100 pounds to lose or maybe even 30, yes you can still over train yourself but a lot of you are really gonna benefit if you just pick up your cardio intake.  And maybe you limit the amount of carbs that you are taking in, but for a segment of you that maybe has, you know, that last maybe like five pounds to lose and it’s around your mid-section.

You’ve done good with the rest of your body and it hasn’t come off, a lot of you are trying to starve it off your body and you’re training really hard and it doesn’t work. It’s counterproductive.

Actually, your body is gonna cling to it even harder when you do this.

So, here’s a tip, one minute left for this video.

If you’re training…you’re seeing that I’m training at least five days a week, I got a lot of cardio sessions. I’m talking actual cardio for those of you who don’t know, go to my first video in this series of my 20 videos. I talk about the importance…the fastest way to burn fat.

But if you’re already doing that and you got that last bit clinging, do this, do this for the next two days, go and eat…take in triple the amount of carbohydrates that you actually do on a typical basis.

So, if you haven’t eaten rice, eat your rice, okay. Take in triple the amount of carbs, all right.

Do a carb loading phase.

I’m talking to you who are training hard already.

Do it for the next two days and chances are, after the next 24 hours, if you do it, come back and leave a comment. If you really train and you haven’t been able to get rid of that stubborn fat, you’re gonna see most likely almost without fault you’re going to see your body just absolutely respond.

You’re gonna see tightness come back to your midsection. You’re going to say, “The fat seems to have disappeared overnight.”

Well, all that really happens is your body just fills and everything gets tighter and a lot of you are struggling because you’re looking bloated and you’re retaining a lot of pudginess because you’re over training.

You’re not following that up with carbs so you’re depleted.

Your glycogen stores are depleted and it’s why you’re tired.

It’s why a lot of that stuff is going on.

Now, will this work for everybody?

No, because a lot of you say you’re doing stuff at the gym and you really aren’t doing much of anything, but for some of you, this is an amazing tip. It works like crazy and it’s something that I will do if I find my body gets into a state where I’m just…I’m feeling bloated, I’m not retaining, I’m looking just pudgy. I have that pudgy look, so give it a shot.

If you like this video, this is the third video.

Remember, I’m alternating now, I’m going, a fat loss tip and then I’m going a muscle building tip and then I’m going a fat loss tip.

I’m going to do 20 videos doing that.

We’re going to release on Mondays and Thursdays doing that.

All this stuff, I do. It has worked phenomenal for me. Might not work for you but it has worked phenomenal for me and so I want to share it with you.

Check out my website at

You can see it there. I just started a new podcast you can sign up for on the website and listen to these at the car or in your gym and like the video, subscribe to my channel. ‘Til next time, have yourselves a great, great day.

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