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Hey guys Jason here,

If you have any comments pertaining to articles or videos on the site please reserve them for the “comment boxes” below each post.

Also, feel free to contact me using Facebook.


If you have questions you can certainly post them here or under articles, BUT chances are I will NOT get to answering them (I only answer a couple a week or so).  Bottom line, there are simply too many to get to.  This includes emailing me.  I do NOT respond to emails asking me weight loss questions.  If you would like to ask me questions about your specific body and weight loss or diet or exercise or a combo of everything, please post them in the comment section below.

I don’t answer a lot of private email questions for the simple fact that chances are I have already answered the question somewhere on this site.

If you feel you have a unique questions, again, please just post it in the comments section below and if it is truly unique I will give you my take on it so everyone else reading can see and benefit.

If you would like to contact me for anything else, please send email to the following email address with a very specific headline… but remember, if it’s a weight loss question it will not be answered.

I welcome all feedback positive or negative.

The posts I write are not perfect and not intended as advice, they are simply my thoughts based on my experiences.  I’m sure that some of you will disagree with me.

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Thanks a bunch,


P.S.  Remember, you can also check out my Facebook page as there is a lot of info there.  But more likely than not, I have already answered the question you have in one of the posts on this website.