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Experimentation Is The Ultimate Fitness Strategy

Experimentation Is The Ultimate Fitness Strategy

Let me give you one of the greatest fitness tips that I personally know that has helped me a tremendous amount and I think it’s going to help a lot of you as well. And this will help you…whatever trying to lose weight, burn fat, just get a better body, whatever it might be and that is this idea to switch your approach.

It all sounds so stupidly simple but a lot of you actually are under this impression that if something isn’t working you just have to work harder at it. And you’ve been going to the gym for months on end and you have the same routine or you have the same basic diet and you’re still not getting results that you want but you stick with it.

And no doubt, a lot of you are listening to videos online like this video or whatever one you might be listening to where people are telling you just stick with it or keep going or don’t give up. Don’t give up is great advice but what it is is also advice that can get your ass in a lot of trouble because exactly what you should do if you’ve been in the same mundane routine for months, a lot of you for years. You’ve had this idea in the back of your mind that you want to lose weight, you want to get in shape and this routine is not working for you.

Exactly what you should do is give up. You should give up on that routine and you should try something completely different because a lot of times what you’re going to try when you do that is something changes. I mean if you try something different it’s only logical that the results are going to be different. Now those results might be better, they might be worse but life’s an experiment man. You got to actually be willing to try different things.

Maybe something you’re doing is working great, maybe it stopped working. I’ve discovered that in my life some of the fitness stuff that I do, even some of the stuff I describe in this video. A lot of people will go out and they’ll do it and it’ll work really well but they might get into a rut and then it might not be working.

I suppose especially for lifting weights or working out in particular. A lot of you are on the same routine, it’s the same base routines. You do the same sets, the same weights, the same reps. Switch it up, switch it up completely if you’re bored, if you’re not getting results you got to keep your mind stimulated in order to get the results that you actually want.

So it’s that simple when it comes to fitness. There’s of course base things you want to do and we’ve touch on a lot of base things. You want to have a base eating pattern down and a base exercise routine but a lot of you have that already and you’re still not getting the results.

So the point of this video is just don’t be afraid to actually deviate from you’re doing, to try something different. Hell switch it up completely. Try something completely different. Do whatever it takes because more often than not when you experiment, you’re going to find results change and then you get yourself out of the rut. And it’s one of the biggest things that I’ve noticed for me personally in fitness.

A lot of times what I’ll struggle with is I work really hard at the same routine and I’m prone to it, no different than you. I work really hard at the same routine in the gym with the goal of getting stronger then I’ll find that I hit a strength plateau. And so the general logical thing is well I just got to work harder but so often than not I got to freaking take a break from that routine and switch it up and start doing something different or I got to completely change and overhaul the reps I’m doing or the sets I’m doing.

The point is whatever your goal is, you have a routine that you’ve been working at for a while and if you’re not getting results it’s not serving you any longer. Maybe you’re experiment is I just got to take a break, maybe your experiment is I got to give that shit up for me to do something completely different, completely change something.

The point is don’t be afraid to change. Don’t get stuck in glue, change it, experiment until you get the results you actually want because there’s no one path. There’s no one path and a lot of you try to believe that there’s one path. There’s not one path to success especially in fitness. One thing that works for you might not work for somebody else. What works for me might not work for me. It’s just the way it is guys.

Experiment, change it up, don’t be afraid to do that and what I’ll guarantee you’ll find is that your results are going to change if you change it up and your mood’s going to change and things are going to become different maybe not necessarily easier at first but you might stumble on something that really, really benefits you and helps you lose that weight or helps you to build that muscle.

So I do and it works for me guys. So if you found this video useful, simple click the like button below. It’s very simple and leave a comment if you have any questions at all and share the video with somebody if you think it might benefit them. Also you could check out my website at jasonstake.com.

If you stick around here, you’re going to see another video that’s connected on the back end of this video and I’m going to share some more tips. Have yourselves a great day.

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