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Fastest Natural Muscle Builder I Know

Creatine is the fastest natural muscle builder I’ve used.

It’s an amazing supplement.

I wrote a long article on it here, but I just wanted to post another shorter one as it’s the 3rd video in my series of 20.

If I was training with the sole mindset of gaining quality muscle quickly and improving all areas of athletic performance and I had to pick one legal natural supplement, it would be creatine.

Creatine monohydrate is the form I go with.  It has been around the longest and is by far the most studied of all the types.  It is also very very inexpensive.  Are you a guy who has been supplementing with whey protein and not really noticing any significant results?  Are you sick of spending a fortune on whey?  If yes, then do a little experiment, stop using whey and try using creatine for the next month.  I’m guessing you will be shocked at the results.

I’m not saying that whey is not great, but it just doesn’t compare to creating for building muscle in my book.

So, the fastest natural muscle builder I have ever used – I’m talking about a natural supplement, all right – assuming that your diet is good is creatine.

As the title says, it’s by far.

For me whey protein, doesn’t come close.

In fact, I’m not taking much whey protein at the moment, I don’t need it to build muscle. I really don’t, so if you’re wondering if you need to maybe take whey, you don’t all right?

You can save your money.

Creatine is the best, fastest natural muscle builder I’ve ever found.

This doesn’t mean you can go and skip workouts, this doesn’t mean you should use it like an idiot. A lot of you people use supplements like freaking idiots. And you overdose on the stuff. This isn’t the case, in fact I’ll tell you how I do it with Creatine, and I wrote a big long article about this.

With Creatine, less really is more, all right.

They call for a loading phase, where you should be taking 20 grams for like the first 5 days and then taper down. I don’t even do that. Quite frankly what I do is, I take about, they call for normally about 5 grams per day and then you go and then you’ll cycle up. I don’t do that.

What I do is I really only take at the most just about 2 grams a day, sometimes even less, that amounts to less than half a teaspoon of creatine per day.

As a matter of fact I am less than a half a teaspoon per day. Five grams is a teaspoon, I’m less than a half of a teaspoon per day. And it works phenomenal for me. It is the fastest natural muscle builder that I’ve personally found. It’s a great supplement that can have a lot of you, men and women alike, to build good muscle over time.


You’ll begin to see results usually very quickly with creatine, as it builds up, because your body starts to fill…your muscles start to fill up with water, and your body starts to just look more full, but over time it really helps you to build some muscle. So less is more. I don’t need to cycle off as many times when I’m taking that lower amount. And I take it only on my gym days. So typically what I’m doing now is I’m going to the gym five days a week, lifting weights, all right, and then I take a day or two off. I’ll repeat back and I only take it on gym days, I take a very, very low dose. I don’t want to be stupid about it. Although it’s a very safe supplement, probably the most researched supplement out there outside of caffeine. So give it a try. If you’re looking for a way to build muscle, men and women alike, it can really do some an amazing things for you, and also help you to build strength, which you’ll notice very rapidly.

So, this was video 2, in the series of 20 videos.

The first video I talked about fat loss. The second video I talked about, well, creatine, building muscle. And I’m just going to go right on to 20 with that alternating, the next will be on fat loss and the one after that will be building muscle.

I’ll also provide one tip in about three minutes or less.

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