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Fastest Way To Burn Belly Fat (The Puzzle)

The Puzzle Episode - Fastest Way To Burn Belly Fat

What is the fastest way to burn belly fat?

If you’ve been following this series you know three of them already.  This article goes with video 6 (below) and it just might be the single most beneficial one of all the ways.

The point is, it works like crazy to burn belly fat.

Listen.  Hark unto me.  Getting rid of fat should be attacked like a puzzle.

Puzzle I say.

Each piece of the puzzle has fat burning ability on its own.  Isolated by themselves, they can be effective, but not nearly as effective as when combined.  You are probably just using the isolated pieces right at the moment.

Ever seen that old cartoon “Captain Planet”?

It’s kinda like that “by your powers combined…. I am Captain planet!”  (Yep, I am a truly corny nerd.)

When was the last time you put a puzzle together?

When all of the pieces come together you get the final image.

The final image is you looking fantastic when you do it right.

Now, get this,… you can put the puzzle together slowly.  This is what most people do.  That’s fine, it’s what the experts teach.  I’m a bit impatient so I like to put it together way more quickly.  The quicker you can put it together and follow it consistently… the faster you will burn belly fat.

I mean, that is just logical.

Speed in creating results is just a byproduct of doing things right, right away.  (Read that again and let it sink in.)

Did you get that?

From my point of view, the only reason it takes a fricken’ eternity for most people to lose belly fat is that most people just scatter their efforts on a few random tips and techniques they learn.  I’m guessing this is what you are doing.

I must confess, I wasn’t really sure the point of this article when I started.

I have written about it in the past over and over again.  But, what the hell, I figure some of you can definitely still benefit from it… especially those who are hard-headed like me!

As coach Taylor Simon points out in his article “The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overweight

“I haven’t written a new blog in quite some time. Why? Because every time I go to write a new blog I realize that I have already made a post on the topic, most often many years ago. So I just repost that. How does this happen? It happens because there is very little that is new in fitness.”

It really isn’t about “old and new” though.

It’s about what works and the funny thing is, the human creature always wanders away from what works in favor of the shiny new.

I mean, I continue to falsely believe that most people already know this information and it might be overly obvious.  But then I shot a video on it and it got a lot of quick interaction so I figured I’d just go with it.  The video is below, it’s called “The Fastest Way To Burn Belly Fat (The Puzzle)

The 30,000 foot view of the puzzle is simply…

  • Diet
  • Exercise

Most of the people I speak with that are struggling are here.  They honestly think they can follow random diet and exercise tips when it is convenient for them, and get good results.  They simply walk around with a couple puzzle pieces and wonder why they can’t get the image.

The 1,000 foot view of the puzzle is simply…

  • What exactly you eat?
  • When you eat?
  • How much you exercise each week?
  • What you do when you exercise?

This is the view that has you losing weight quickly and seeing really good results.  A person that is operating on the 1,000 ft view consistently is someone who has realized what it takes to get the body they want.  They have almost every single piece of the puzzle.

The microscopic 1-inch magnification view is…

  • How much protein?
  • How much carbs?
  • How much fat?
  • How often you eat?
  • What days you exercise?
  • What is your specific routine on those day?
  • What do you do on your off days?
  • Etc.

The microscopic view is pretty rare.  People operating here are usually professionals and are absolutely ripped.  You don’t need to be at this level to see great results though.  This is every single piece of the puzzle, plus extra ones that ad more detail.

You can become pretty obsessive at this level.

You probably are stuck somewhere between the 30,000 ft view and the 1o,000 ft view… not yet that close to 1,000 ft.  You are lacking several pieces and you are about as consistent as a 2 year old’s attention span.

Most people I speak with are in here.  They are not down to the 1,000 ft level.  You can actually get results at that 10,000 ft level, but you probably are not going to be satisfied completely with those results.   If you have ever wondered how some people are absolutely in phenomenal shape with amazing abs and a body that turns heads, they are most likely operating at the microscopic magnifying glass view of the puzzle, or somewhere below 1,000 ft.

For most of these people it’s just a habit.

They know how their body responds and they have a daily routine they follow.

To you it may seem like a ton of work, but for these people it just becomes habit.

Listen.  Hark unto me.  Learning to put the pieces together and applying it consistently will yield great results.

As Alex Carneiro says in his article Ab Training: 6 Reasons Your Abs Aren’t Showing“…

“Like I said before, consistency is the most important piece of the six-pack puzzle. You need to make fitness a lifestyle. If you consistently eat clean and stay intense in the gym, you’ll have abs for much longer than a few weeks. Being lean year-round means you can snap all the selfies you want—even if it’s not contest season!” – bold text added by me for emphasis

weight loss is like a puzzle. most people are missing lots of pieces.

What I’m going to do in this article is dive into the 1,000 foot view because you can get very good results there.

This is where I want you to operate.

If you are looking for the fastest way to burn belly fat, this is a nice cruising altitude.

The Puzzle – 1,000 Foot View

If you want to burn belly fat then take a minute and write out a 1 week routine.

This consists of diet and exercise.


  • What exactly you eat
  • When you eat
  • How much you exercise each day
  • What you do when you exercise

I’m telling you right now, unless you write this down you are going to mess up.  The reason is simple, if you are not getting the results you want then there are things you just ain’t doing right!

This is when most people email me “Jason, I’m doing everything and nothing works”!

HA HA HA!  Total b.s. I’m thinking to myself when I read those emails.

Every single time I get people to be honest with themselves I find they are not even close to putting the pieces together.  It’s amazing how much people actually bull shit themselves.  Or, they have the pieces but because nothing is written down they are not consistently putting their puzzle together daily.

The reason you write down your one week routine is so you can’t b.s. yourself.  It’s directly in front of you.

As Dr. Mercola points out in his article What Are the 10 Things That Can Pack On Pounds?

“The problem is, if you fail to plan your meals you are basically eating according to either your emotions or whatever whim may come over you around mealtime. Both of these can mean added calories, poor nutritional choices and a growing waistline.”

Emotional eating is a monster that will bite the head off of your results.

So, let me just lay out an example of Monday… you will need to fill in your Tuesday through Sunday.  I have done this for you if you get a free copy of my eBook.  In fact, I have laid out the entire weight loss basics.  I have also wrote about it extensively here.

This does not need to be perfect.  It’s just a template.

I am in the habit of eating a protein, fat and carb source with at least four of my meals.  It boils down to balancing blood sugar like I discuss in this article.


Meal 1. Oatmeal, Banana, 1 scoop whey

Meal 2. Chicken (some protein source), Broccoli

Meal 3.  Fish, rice

Meal 4.  Chicken, broccoli, Ezekiel bread

Workout: 30 minutes weights, 10 minutes HIIT cardio

Meal 5.  Whey, rice, spinach

Meal 6 (optional).  I eat six times per day but 5 works good too.  I tell why here.

This is just an example.

Does it have to be perfect?


I do my intense cardio 1 day per week.  Some of you may need more like I talk about here.

But until you make your routine a habit, write it down!

If you do not have the physical one week plan in front of you so that you can check off each meal as you eat it and your exercise when it is finished, then you are going to mess it up.  There is a reason your results stink, you are not consistently doing what it takes every single day.  Write it down.

That way at the end of each day before you go to bed you will know you have done everything.

Again, get my eBook here and read it 10 times until you understand these basics.  It is free so there are no excuses.

An easy way to do this is to just make a seven day plan and then repeat it the following week.  What I personally do is I eat very similar ever single day.  Simplicity is absolute bliss when you want great results.  The simpler you can make your eating and exercise, the better.

Once you have your seven day plan in place you just follow it.

On week two, you just repeat it.  Same with week three.  Same with week four.  This is how you get awesome results.

This plan you have created is your puzzle.

It is basically the 1,000 foot view of the puzzle that I have just walked you through.  I mean, you can go microscopic from here if you want to, but it’s not necessary.  If you want to get shredded six pack abs you can dive into very minute details like measuring your macro intake.

The difference between having a very nice body with nice looking midsection, and being shredded with ripped six pack abs is just consistency of detail.

You might not be concerned about taking it to that level and you don’t have to be.

Here’s the video I made for this article:

Fastest Way To Burn Belly Fat Transcript

Burning fat is more about putting pieces together than an isolated event.

Every time somebody tells me, “I’ve tried everything”…  I promise you, you haven’t tried everything.

I get this all the time, “I’ve tried everything, I’m still not burning fat.”

You see what that means is that, people have pulled and maybe this is you too, you’ve pulled an isolated tip or something, and you’ve tried it for a few days and it didn’t work. And then you moved onto the next tip and you tried it for a few days and it didn’t work, and then maybe you messed around with your diet. And then maybe you did something with your exercise, and you’re doing isolated things, and it’s not working.

9 times out of 10, when people tell me I’ve tried everything, I’ll go and I’ll ask them you know, what is your workout routine look like?

And they’ll be like, “Well, you know, I get in there three or four days a week and I do some treadmill walking and…” I already know automatically okay, the issue is with exercise or they’ll be like “Well, I do this but you know, if I’m honest when it comes to the weekend, my eating is crap.”

Fasted Walking Cardio Banner

So basically this is what happens to people, they treat weight loss as an isolated event and you can’t get good results doing that.

So weight loss is more of a puzzle.

What I mean by that is you must put the pieces together and do it consistently. And if you are able to put all the pieces together and do it consistently, then you’re gonna get the results that you want. I mean, it is virtually a given, if you’re doing the right things, not perfect you don’t want to be perfect.

If you’re doing the right things, though, and at least getting you know, an 80% right, your results, almost always, are going to be phenomenal and they’re gonna show up very very rapidly, like almost immediately. And that’s something that people don’t teach.

Yes, results show up rapidly, but you’ve gotta connect the puzzle pieces in order to get those results.

So if you’re saying yourself “well, I’ve tried everything”.

The number one thing… here is what I ask people automatically when I get an email and it says, “I’ve tried everything, I’ve tried everything, Jason. I’m not getting the results.” ….

… The number one thing you need to do is, everybody knows that burning fat is basically about what you’re putting in your body, and then your workout routine, okay?

And it’s about putting those together and doing it consistently over time. So I’ve shot a lot of videos of all the diet, a lot of videos about the workout routine. You need to go back and look at your daily, your absolutely daily, what you’re doing on a daily basis over the course of a week, and you need to say, okay well…

  • What am I not doing here?
  • Where did maybe I go wrong with my approach to weight loss?
  • What am I not doing consistently?

And what you’re gonna find is more than likely, it’s either your exercise is off, almost always, okay? You’re lacking in the intensity of your exercise or your diet is not consistent.

Almost always, that’s exactly what it is.

So you have to put the puzzle together. It’s about the puzzle, it’s not about the isolated event. It’s all gonna come together and if you put it all together your results will be great. That’s just the way it works.

So I think this was video six in a series of 20 videos I’m shooting.

This one was “The Fastest Way to Burn Belly Fat”.

The next one will be a video on the “The Fastest way to Build Muscle” and I’m just gonna alternate like that through the 20 videos and provide one tip that I use daily, and it always works for me on either burning fat or building muscle. They work for me, they’re tested. It took me a while to learn all these and put it together, but it works for me.

That’s the basics.

So a lot of people are kind of saying you know, “I’m not losing weight, I’m not burning fat, Jason, you know, what do I do?” Read my eBook. It’s on the website. I’m doing it for free just click the tab at the top of the page. You can check it out. That is the fundamental basics. You must have the basics down and if you’ve got the basics down, you’re gonna have success.

Until next time guys, have yourselves a great great day.

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