Ultimate Fat Loss Diet Fix: The Elimination Method

You eat right to get results.

You exercise hard to get results.

What is the #1 thing you should do when you are not getting the results from your fat loss diet?

I’m going to talk about “The Elimination” here.

This is video 8 of my series of 20 videos on burning fat and building muscle.

The Elimination method is the best way to fix your fat loss routine when it just ain’t working.

It is also the right way to go about correcting your workouts and pretty much anything else related to your fitness that isn’t giving you the results you want.

The Elimination method is simple and incredibly effective and will just put an end to all of the confusion you may be having.

Put bluntly, if you’ve recently found yourself wondering how you can eat good and exercise daily and still not get results from your fat loss diet, this article will help you fix it.

The Elimination is a term I came up with.

One of the amazing things you learn about people is that generally speaking, they are “reactors”.  Most are simply in a habit of reacting to situations instead of stepping back and thinking.

Doing this can get you into trouble when it comes to fitness.

Take a second and think about this…

People rarely think about what is working vs. what is not working.  If results are not showing up, they simply say “nothing is working”.  If they are getting amazing results, they then think that everything they do is working.

Regardless of it you are fed-up with your current results, think for a second about what might be working for you?

  • Maybe you really like your workout routine and it has produced good for you at some point in the past.
  • Maybe you switched up your diet and dropped a pants size a few months ago.
  • Maybe all you did was you boosted your protein intake.
  • Maybe all you did was add another day of cardio.

Many of the emails I get are from people who come to me and say “Jason, nothing is working!”

What I’ve found though is that this is almost never true.  Sure, you may not be getting great results right at the moment.  The scale might not be dropping each week, but there are at least a few things you are doing that are working for you.

So let me ask you this…

If some of the things you are doing are working or at least have proven themselves effective in the past, then why would you change everything?

Changing everything creates confusion.

Ideally, what we want to do, is take a step back and determine what is probably working and what probably isn’t.

From there we pick the #1 thing we should either expand on or eliminate, we do it for at least two weeks, and then we measure our results.

Why You Should Try a Diet Change For At Least Two Weeks

Why Two Weeks?

Because one week typically isn’t long enough for results to show up no matter what fat loss diet tweak you make – and waiting a month is ridiculous.

If you go about burning fat this way, then you are going to know when you have “hit” on something that your body really responds to.

However, if you change everything at once, then you are not going to know and most of the time you are going to continue to get the same miserable results and just become more and more confused.

How many times have you gotten so fed-up you just went on a crash diet and started exercising your brains out?

You lost weight at first but then found yourself right back in the same spot?

This used to happen to me all the time.  The problem was, I had not clue what the main trigger point was.

As Peter Bregman points out in his article in The Harvard Business Review “To Change Effectively, Change Just One Thing

“If that’s true, then the best diet is the simplest one. So I asked myself: what’s the one thing I can change that will make the biggest difference in my calorie consumption? Everyone has one thing.  Mine was sugar…. … Each person’s one thing could be different. For some it might be fried foods. For others, meat. For others still, soft drinks. What’s important is to keep it simple.” – bolding of text added by me for emphasis.

Are you getting the gist of what I’m saying?

You only retain about 10% or what you read on the first trip through an article, so go back and read from the beginning again if you need to.

Here’s an Example of The Elimination Method for Fat Loss

Woman doing pushups

This pertains to any aspect of a fat loss diet.

Again, we could just as easily be talking about diet (the food) or exercise or some other aspect of your weekly routine that just isn’t working quite good enough.

What I used to do was get all “pissed off” when I noticed I was starting to retain abdominal fat.  I would look in the mirror and be like “what the hell is going on!”… “I’m in the gym 5 days a week and I eat healthy and yet I can still grab a big fist-full of fat around my lower belly!”

I would then proceed to bump my cardio and lower my carb intake.

I would freak out and get insanely clean on my diet.

Stop drinking beer cold turkey.

And basically walk around in the “drill sergeant” mentality barking diet and exercise orders at myself!

Two weeks later I’d be all worn out and frustrated.  It really was miserable and put me in a constant negative mood.

I wouldn’t be able to go to the gym anymore because I was so tired and I would be all depressed.  I’d have to take a few days off to let my body recover.  To make a long story short, the massive amount of work I had just gone through was not worth it!

Can you relate to this?

Fast forward to today.

Do I still struggle with fat?

Sure.  We all do from time to time.

Many people are amazed when I say this, but the truth is that retaining body fat is just a normal cycle.  I mean, if you see a bear just before hibernation and he looks a little chunky… would you say that this is abnormal?


Gaining weight is normal when you eat things that cause weight gain.

That’s why it becomes so damn important not to “freak-out” every time you see that you’ve gained a little around the midsection.  It is going to happen several times a year.  Newsflash… it even happens to the pros!

The best way to handle this is to just take a step back and decipher the single #1, main thing to focus on, without changing everything.

Let’s say you step back and examine your last month.

You started your fat loss diet a few months back and it seemed to be working but now it’s stalling.

Gaining Fat Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Subcutaneous Fat

Gaining fat just doesn’t happen overnight.  Truth is, there is probably a combination of things you have been letting “slide” if you are truly honest.

Truth is, there is probably a combination of things you have been letting “slide” if you are truly honest.

Let’s say you determine that around two months ago you stopped your weekly intense cardio session.  It can be very subtle.  Sure, you’re still doing cardio sessions each week, but two months ago you were doing one really intense workout on Tuesday.

Maybe you find that you began indulging your cheat days a little too much.  This is usually what happens to me come mid-winder.  I go from a couple slices of pizza to a whole pizza a couple times per week!

Maybe you have knocked your workouts from five times per week to four because of a new job.

Whatever it is, if you step back you can certainly determine that something is out of place.

That is your #1 thing.  If you need to eliminate the two extra slices of cheesecake do it.  If you need to add in an extra day at the gym that you had previously cut out do it.  That is your #1 thing.  If you need to eliminate the two extra slices of cheesecake do it.  If you need to add in an extra day at the gym that you had previously cut out do it.

If you need to eliminate the two extra slices of cheesecake do it.  If you need to add in an extra day at the gym that you had previously cut out do it.

If you need to add in an extra day at the gym that you had previously cut out do it.

This is “The Elimination” – a bit misleading because you may actually be adding something back, but you get the idea.

The point is, you want to keep it simple so that you know what you do is working.

One thing at a time.  Not everything all at once in a moment of panic!

This is the best way to correct any fat loss diet that is not working.

I have created a video below called “The Fastest Way To Burn Belly Fat (The Elimination)” I truly hope you find it refreshing to hear this info.  It has really helped me eliminate confusion.

The Elimination Method Transcript

A lot of people actually struggle to burn fat, to get the abs they want.

You might be struggling to lose weight with your correct fat loss diet.

Why is it that this actually happens?

And a lot of it has to do with, there are some things that you might not know, but a lot of it is having to do with things that you’ve been taught, that are just not so. They’re not accurate.

How does the Mark Twain quote go?

It goes something along the lines of…

It’s not what you don’t know that kills you, but what you’re absolutely sure of that just ain’t so.”

Or it’s something along those lines.

That’s the quote.

That’s so true when it comes to actually burning fat.

And if you think about it, it’s a very important aspect of your life.

I mean, in reality, the way you look is gonna impact how you feel, and so it’s gonna impact everything.

It’s gonna impact your work, your ability to make money, your confidence through the roof.

So people, a lot of times, will play off fitness as not being the most important things in our lives, but in all reality, if you don’t have your health, you really haven’t got anything.

So if you’re not looking good, you’re not gonna feel good, regardless of the crap that people teach.

Everybody wants to look good. It makes them feel good, so you wanna be getting results.

Now one of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned, excuse me, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is along the lines of not just trying to change everything at one time.

So what a lot of you are doing, and you might be watching this and saying, if you don’t raise your hand, “I’m doing this too, Jason.”

You might say to yourself.

A lot of you, what you are doing is you’re in this mentally of, “Oh, I’m not getting results I want, so I’m gonna change everything.”

And when you do that, it becomes very, very hard to determine what is actually working and what is not working with your current fat loss diet.

A far better method for you is to say, “Okay, I’ve been doing this new exercise routine.”

And that’s a big part, obviously of fat loss and everything, weight loss, building muscle. Fitness, basically, is exercise.

So you might say, “I’ve been doing this new routine, and it just isn’t working.

I’ve been eating right.

I’m eating in this way.

I’m eating this many times a day.”

And many of you might be recording, maybe you’ve recorded this.

A lot of you are walking around with Fitbit, the watches on your hand. And you say, you know, “Regardless of all this, it’s just not working for me.” And what you’re gonna do is say, “I need to drop everything.”

What you shouldn’t do is drop everything.

What you should do is experiment with one thing, and give it a little bit of time to see if it actually produces results.   Because then what you’re gonna find is that if everything is good with what you’re doing, with your routine right now, and you go and you change everything, and you’re not gonna know.

You’re just not gonna know what’s going on.

If you go and you change maybe one thing, and you experiment with that over the next two weeks, and just take your time and experiment with it, and that actually works, you’re gonna know…

“Okay, well, that’s the trigger for me.”

This actually worked.

And it just so happens that I talked about what I personally would do, all right, if it was me looking to burn fat, only because I went through it.

I went through all the struggles where I couldn’t get rid of stubborn fat.

And I’ve just been through what you’ve been through, what you’re going through now.

And the way that I would do is just be real with myself, and say, “I’m not working hard enough specifically when it comes to my cardio routine,” all right?

It’s not about doing more cardio. It’s about doing it hard enough, and that’s the first place I would start. It’s not the only thing, but that’s the first place I would start.

And then, maybe you’re already doing cardio, so then you wanna look at your diet.

Maybe you’re not doing something in your diet that might be causing you to retain this weight or not get the result that you want.

So basically, you wanna take one thing at a time, until you find the lever for you that actually works. It’s gonna simplify everything in your life.

It’s gonna simplify it, and when you hit it and when it works, it’s just gonna make everything easier.

Then you can go about trying to change something else, or maybe you don’t even have to at that point.

So just a tip, it’s worked exceptionally well for me when it comes to fitness and correcting any type of fat loss diet. And it applies to a lot of other areas in your life, too.

So give it a shot.

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