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Fitness Coaching Services

If you would like to book a 1-hour fitness coaching session with me simply use the button below.

We can use either phone or if you prefer we can use Skype.  It’s your choice.

This call is all about you.

If you would simply like to pick my brain for the hour and ask me whatever fitness related questions you may have then that’s exactly what we will do.

If you have a specific goal you would like to accomplish then we can focus on constructing a plan for you to follow.

This coaching session is all about you and what you want.  I am simply here to give you my take based on my own experiences and knowledge and help you achieve your goals faster and with more clarity.

So if you would like to book your 1 hour fitness coaching session with me simply click the button below and pay a one time payment of $1,000.  Once booked I will shoot you an email and schedule a 1 hour time slot with you that fits both of our schedules.

Jason ClemensPhone/Skype Session Booking

One Easy Payment of $1000