How To Get A Better Body The Simple Way!

How to get a better body the simple way

So some people basically…I mean, they won’t admit it.

They just won’t admit and whether it’s scary or maybe some people are just…they’re ashamed.

They won’t admit that they want to get a better body. I mean, they don’t want to face the truth so while you might go, you take a shower and look in the mirror and not like what you see, we’re taught…I mean, isn’t it true that we’re actually taught that how you look on the outside is…people say stuff like, “How you look on the outside, well, that’s not as important as what’s on the inside.”

That’s true, of course. I mean, what’s on the inside is important. But how you look on the outside actually impacts how you’re feeling on the inside. That’s one of the biggest things I’ve found, is people just don’t want to tell themselves the truth. We’re in a society where people will lie.

So if you’re overweight, your friends are not going to tell you that.

It’s rude and very few people have the guts just to say to other people, “Honestly, what do I need to change?” For so many people…isn’t it true that it’s the physical part of you, the physical body, that if you were in better shape, if you looked healthier, if you weighed less, maybe you always wanted that body and if you had at least maybe 80% of what you perceive to be the ideal, don’t you at least think that that would make a huge impact on the way you felt on the inside?

So from what I’ve seen, basically, that at one point you’ve got to start telling the truth.

So many of you know that you’re overweight, you need to lose weight. As soon as you tell yourself the truth, then you can begin. So then once you begin, the question begins to become, “What the hell do I do? What do I actually do to make this as easy as possible?” Because we all know it’s going to be work. There’s work involved. So if you want the body that you desire, maybe if you’ve wanted it for years and you’ve never got it, well it’s not too late.

It’s not too late. I don’t care if you’re 30, if you’re 50 or if you’re 90. It’s not too late to get your body in better shape so that when you look in that mirror, when you’re out in public, you feel confident about what you’re working with. No, it’s not everything but it’s a lot of it. So what do you actually do to achieve this?

To make it as easy as possible, knowing in your mind that, “Yeah, there’s going to be some work involved.”? What do you do to make this as simple as possible?

So what I want to do here is just share some things that maybe other people haven’t necessarily told you that actually will work if you’re looking to get a better body. To me a better body is, of course, it’s always going to be losing weight. That’s really a subset of burning fat especially in the stomach, in the midsection area. It’s going to be about building muscle, too, because muscle is metabolism. I mean, building muscle on your body…I’m not talking about a 300-pound bodybuilder. I mean building muscle is metabolism. So you can even add two, three, four, five pounds of muscle to your body. It’s going to make a huge difference in the way that you actually look.

How do we do this?

What can we do today to make this as simple as possible?

Everybody knows I should be eating better but what can we actually do? So what I like to do and what makes it as simple as possible for me is I like to break everything down to the shortest possible interval. So what I like to do is break it down into 30 days, just 30 days. That’s it. Just 30 days. Basically, people will come to me and say, “Well, I’m not getting any results.” One person in particular, “I’m not getting any results. I’ve been working at this forever, and it’s just I can’t…I’m not getting the body that I want and it’s not going the way that I want it to go. I’ve been training hard. I’ve been to the gym and, basically, I’m just not winding up where I want to end up.”

I’d say, “Well what the heck is your…how long have you been working on this?”

“What’s your goal?”

Basically, they said, “Well over the past year.”

Well, it doesn’t take a year to get the body that you want in most cases. To get a body that you at least desire, in most cases, it’s just not going to take that. So we break it down into 30-day split and we say, “All I want to do is look better. I get all these people, all these confusing things. I don’t know what to do. I just want to look better.” If you want to look better, it’s a subset of building muscle and burning fat. That is what looking better actually means.

So in order to build muscle and burn fat, it takes two things. It takes food and it takes working out or exercise. So it’s really only two things. I don’t need to know the science behind a million different things, like people are into teaching. I don’t need to know…just to get started is really about 80%. I don’t need to know a million different things.

So number one, I need to know food.

So what I like to do personally is I like to give myself an eating plan.

If I give myself an eating plan and I set that out, I physically get down on my computer and I schedule out a weekly eating plan, if I can just do that over seven days, a seven-day eating plan, then I have my whole month scheduled because all I need to do on the second week is come back and I need to just eat like that.

So all you need to do when you’re eating is just make it very simple.

Better Body How To #1

Number one, what nobody’s ever told you is, “It doesn’t have to be perfect.”

In fact, it’s better if it’s not perfect.

Perfectionism is what drives you insane and when it comes to getting a better body, all this junk about diets and dieting and, “What exactly should I be doing?”

Guess what?

There is no “exact.”

Everybody out there wants to tell you there’s an “exact.” “Do this exactly.” Whenever you hear the word “exactly”, you should turn the other way and freaking run because “exactly” deals in perfection. You don’t even need that.

It’s not about perfection. Nobody’s ever told you this. You don’t have to eat perfect. You don’t have to exercise perfect. You don’t have to sleep perfect. You don’t have to drink a perfect amount of water. You don’t have to do any perfect amount of cardio. You don’t need to wake up at a perfect time. You don’t need to eat a perfect amount of meals, a perfect amount of calories, a perfect amount of carbs, a perfect amount of protein. This shit ain’t got to be perfect, dude. This shit does not have to be perfect. What you want to do is make it simple, not perfect.

So isn’t it true that you know, generally speaking, at least somewhat of what you should be eating to get your body to look better, to get your body in better shape?

I mean, you’ve probably done it.

Everybody has an example from the past of what they’ve eaten, what has actually worked.

At least 90% of the population does and that’s really who I’m speaking to here. You, at least, have an idea of how you should be eating. You shouldn’t be driving through McDonald’s everyday or blowing it up at Pizza Hut everyday at the Pizza Hut buffet. I mean, everybody knows that.

So it’s like you have some idea of what to eat. Just do it.

It’s more of a consistency thing with your diet. Just do it on a daily basis. Where you’ve gotten yourself into trouble in the past is you’ve tried to be perfect. You’re thinking that there’s something you don’t know.

Well guess what?

Even the most genius diet expert doesn’t know shit. They don’t know certain shit. The biggest thing is just go 80%. Just start and begin to do what you know to actually do. That’s it.

Better Body How To #2

The other thing you’re doing…this video was in segments, so like I was saying, the other thing that many of you are doing besides trying to get it perfect…it ain’t got to be perfect. That’s number one. Number two, you have a narrow time frame. A lot of people are like, “Well, I’ve got to eat. First of all, I’ve got to eat perfect and then I’ve got to eat perfect for some indefinite time until I reach this ideal condition.”

Well, the ideal condition never comes.

You’re never going to have the ideal body that you look and say, “Well, that’s so perfect.” It doesn’t happen so you’re driving yourself insane every time you look in the mirror, people that don’t have a definite schedule and say, “Okay, I’m going to take 30 days. I’m going to make my body as good as possible and then I’m going to take that vacation.”

Or “My goal is to get ready for the summer. My goal is just to lose 20 pounds. I’m going to give myself 60 days. That’s it. That’s it. I’m not going over. I’m giving myself 60 days to do it and I’m not going to say, ‘Well, I’m just going to start now and go indefinitely.'” Indefinitely doesn’t work. Indefinitely deals with the ideal and what’s going to happen is you’re going to go past 30 to 60 days and what’s going to happen?

You’re going to keep looking in the mirror and say, “Well, I’m not quite satisfied. Well, I’m not quite…”

Too bad. Once the 30 days comes, you are satisfied with what you’ve achieved in that 30 days, take your trip. Put the swimming suit on. Go to the beach. I mean, you’re done. If you give yourself a definite, “I definitely want to lose 10 pounds in definitely 30 days,” now you have a definite. I don’t care if you lose 8 pounds in 30 days. Just go do whatever you were going to do. Whatever you wanted to get in shape, just go do it. So you’ve got to set…you’ve got to be definite with what you do because when you’re not definite, it deals in idealism. It’s too easy to slip into the ideal. Ideal is like the horizon. You can’t reach it. You’re never going to reach the horizon. You’re never going to reach the ideal. Just get it good enough and do that instead of definite.

Better Body How To #3

So, basically, number three here, I mean, we talked about perfectionism. Then we talked about setting something definite. Number three, if you want to get your body looking better…the other day I was in the gym and it’s like…a week previous to that, last week I’m in the gym and I look in the mirror and I’m saying, “I’ve let things slide here. I’ve started to get undisciplined.” I’m saying to myself, “What is going on?”

I knew what was going on, though. It wasn’t this complicated thing. I knew what I was doing wrong. So I would get into the gym and say, “Well, I’m looking a little bit fat here.” So I was honest, like we talked about. “I’m looking fat.”

I even had my nephew say, “Well, you’re getting a little chubby.”

I hated to hear it but they were right. I was. I said, “Well, how has this happened?”

But the “how” was just stupid. It was a stupid thing because I knew how. I knew how it was happening. How was it happening? Well, let’s see. The week before that I’d been out partying, drinking beer. We had a [inaudible 00:12:29] party, doing that. It was summer. I was letting it go like everybody does.

So a lot of beer I started to get into. Let my weakness slip, chocolate cake, started eating a lot of chocolate cake and cheesecake. I would sprint and then I would start having some cheesecake and I let it slip.

Everybody does this.

The most elite of the most elite lets it slide. I don’t care what they say. They always go through spurts where they let it slide. What you’re seeing on the video, what you’re seeing in photos is them in their prime form. It’s not them three weeks before their prime form where they were letting it slide.

So I knew what was wrong.

So the third tip is: you know. You basically know. A lot of you are on the internet scouring and saying, “Well, I don’t…” I mean, you know. You know you’re eating like shit. I mean, come on. It’s not hard to figure out. You know your ass is probably not in the gym or it’s a combination of everything. So, basically, I’ll let you in on something. All right, we talked about perfectionism and stuff like that and you don’t want to be a perfectionist. But there is an element of discipline involved in what you’re doing. That comes down to telling the truth. I wasn’t being as disciplined as what I could be, and guess what? It was fucking costing me big time because I wasn’t being as disciplined.

So fast forward to now and automatically I had seven days of discipline.

It’s noticeable.

It’s big time noticeable to how much I leaned back out because I started eating what I knew I should eat.

I wasn’t trying to be perfect. I still might have a piece of cake now and then. I’m still going to have a beer. I mean, my birthday is coming up so I’m going to go out and have a good time. I’m going to have a fucking good time.

But also there’s an element of discipline involved.

So we talked about number one. All of this is wrapped around getting a better body, all right? You want to look better. You finally have told yourself the truth or maybe you’ve asked somebody, “Am I fat?” Or I just don’t look good. The truth hurts, man. The truth can hurt but once you accept it you can change. Tell yourself the truth. So basically that was at the beginning.

Then we talked about number one, what the heck was it now?

I should go back in the video. So number two was a definite schedule.

Number three was…number one was this idea of perfection.

You don’t want to be a perfectionist!

You don’t want to be a perfectionist. You don’t need to be. Number two was setting a definite ideal plan. The number three thing that I talked about is just you know what to do already so you just got to do it. Then the number four thing, I’ll just give you some actual tips for those who stuck around and listened to my rambling.

Better Body How To #4

The number four, the fourth segment of this video…basically there’s a lot of things I could say. Everybody wants to know, “What exactly do you eat?” I’ve talked about that in the other videos and other posts. The website is There’s a ton of posts there. We’ve got over a hundred videos on the YouTube channel. I’ve talked about “exactly”, but again, “exactly” deals in you trying to be a perfectionist. Quite frankly, I don’t like the question of, “What exactly do you do?” like I said. I mean, I expect if I say, “Here’s exactly what to do,” you should turn and run because everybody’s different. But more so not…I need an idea of something that works.

It’s not going to deal in “definites” because you don’t need “definites.” You don’t need “exactlys.”

You just need “consistently.”

Just consistently get, whatever, 60%, 70%, 80% of this shit right and you’ll…it’s not hard. It’s not rocket science. If you never looked up, did another Google search for anything, if you never asked another question, if you took exactly what I know you know right now, I know you know, if you’re talking about number three, and you just did it consistently, you give yourself…so the way that I apply what I know I know is I just set a rule for myself basically. It’s just very simple and my rule’s very simple. Maybe you chose to follow the same thing.

Basically, what I do is I set a definite seven-day schedule for myself which I just talked about earlier in the video.

It deals with my eating and it deals with…in the gym time.

Of those two, regardless of what people say, for me the gym time is way more important because the gym time…everything revolves around my gym time. If I’m in the gym and forcing myself to do it, regardless if I don’t feel like it, if I just don’t feel like, I just do it anyways. Basically say, “I’m going to lift four days a week.” “I am going to lift four days a week for one hour,” is the rule I set for myself. I don’t care how I feel.

I don’t care if I feel tired and I can’t lift that much weight.

I’ll go in and I’ll do less weight.

Remember, I’m not trying to get this shit perfect. I’m just trying to show up and get it at least good enough, at least get it to 80%. That’s all I’m doing. If I show up to the gym four days a week, just show the fuck up four days a week. Everything seems to revolve around that because now when I’m showing up, I’m in my mind, it’s like automatically versus if I don’t, “Oh, I’m too tired. All I want to do is lay around,” I tend to start eating bad and tend to start doing things bad.

So everything for me revolves around the gym.

If I get myself in there four days a week for one hour and I say, “I’m just going to lift consistently and I’ll throw in a little bit of cardio there,” four days a week for one hour…actually, I’m only doing two days of cardio and it’s not even intense.

But if I just do that, everything revolves around that.

I know you want to know, “What are the exact exercises?” We’ve talked about that. Remember, don’t get into “exacts.” Just show up and just fucking do it for an hour. Monday, Tuesday, you can even take Wednesday off, Thursday, Friday, do it.

If that’s all you did, your results would be fine.

You would be totally golden and fine because you’d be around other people…given that people…maybe besides the people who just go and talk the whole time. You’ll be around other people that are getting themselves in shape and it’s going to motivate you to do the same thing.

So 90%…I think the quote goes “90% of success is just showing up.”

Just show up. That’s how I do it, personally. I just show up to the gym and everything revolves around that or it just does. It’s that simple. So a lot of other things, I could ramble on and on but I’ve done enough of that in this video.

I talked about a lot of stuff in this video and hopefully you found it useful. I could sit here and say a bunch of other stuff but that’s generally just not my style. I don’t want to ramble on which maybe some of you think I’ve done. But if you like the video you can certainly “like” it.

Some things you can do with this video which goes back to telling the truth. If you found it useful, the biggest thing that I’d like you to do, if you found anything that I said here useful, is just to take the video and through all the social medias, just share it. Share it with at least one person that you know.

Just share it because everybody knows somebody who’s looking to get into better shape.

Maybe you share it with your husband, whatever, maybe your friends, somebody you can really confide and share the video. See what they think about it. All you have to do is click the “Share” button. That’s all I’m asking. If you found it useful, just “like” it below. It’s easy. It’s on YouTube. Or if you’re watching on Facebook, too, just share it. Share it with somebody or tweet it to somebody or just copy the link and email it to somebody. Tell people about it.

My only goal is that you get benefit out of this. If you get benefit out of this, that’s fantastic.

Another thing, you can check out the website:, if you got any questions. We talked about “exacts” and stuff like this and how you shouldn’t look at “exacts”. People want to know maybe how I eat or stuff like that. Check it out. It’s all there. It’s all free.

But you can find it in a lot of other spots, too.

Like I said, exactly what to eat and stuff is not even important. If you would like a couple of other things, a couple other tips, you can go to and what you’re going to find on that front page?

You’re going to come to the front page. There is nothing there. It’s basically blank. But there’s an opportunity to simply enter your email address and your first name and I share two immediate action steps that go very much with what I’ve talked about here. You can sign up and get those. It’s in video form. Some of you will like them. Some of you probably won’t.

Like I said, a lot of you already know this stuff so some of you won’t like it. But, nonetheless, you can check that out.

So if you found it useful, just please share it with somebody. Share the video with somebody. Friend, whatever. Share it with somebody. Maybe you’ve got a blog. Blog about it. Put it on your blog. If you found it useful, check me out on the website. Sharing is caring as it goes. All right, guys. So hopefully you found it useful and have yourselves a great day.

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