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Good Workout – My 20-Minute ‘Change-Up’ Workout

This is a good workout change-up routine

A good workout change-up will work wonders for most of you.

You’re trying to lose weight and you’ve hit a plateau like everybody does. I don’t care if you’re a master at fitness or whatnot. People hit plateaus and you’re not losing weight. You wanna burn fat and maybe you’re not burning fat, or maybe you’re just freaking bored out of your mind with your current routine.

What I wanna do in this video is explain to you what you can do, good workout switch-up routine that I use that allow you to keep burning fat like crazy, building muscle, and losing weight if that’s what you wanna do.

So this is basically how to take yourself out of a plateau state and into a state in which you were actually getting tremendous results like you were at the beginning of which you started.

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So the biggest reason for a plateau is…now, there’s a lot of reasons, a lot of scientific reasons that people are gonna give you for a plateau.

I don’t care if it’s weight loss.

I don’t care if it’s burning fat. I

f you need lose 20 pounds or a hundred pounds, eventually somewhere along the lines is you hit a plateau.

Well it’s no different with building muscle. All right? Or burning fat. If I wanna see six-pack abs, contrary to popular belief, even the masters run into plateaus. Now whether they admit it or not, is b.s..

So what do you do to correct that?

Well in my opinion, one of the single biggest reasons for a plateau is most people, believe it or not, simply get burned out with what they’re actually doing.

So you’re doing a good workout routine. You do it for six months. You do it for a year. A lot of people don’t change it up. You get burned out and when you get burned out and bored, the energy drops, the ambition drops. And isn’t it true that in the beginning when you set out with a goal, you’re all excited, the results of that goal tend to happen quicker especially in fitness.

So the weight loss tends to come quicker at the beginning.

Burning fat tends to come quicker at the beginning, not always but in many cases.

One of the biggest reasons is because you’re excited with what you do so one of the biggest things that I found in order to get myself, snap myself out of that plateau whether I wanna burn fat or consume no muscle is to switch my routine.

So let me tell you exactly what my routine is currently and what that routine has been for the past couple months, and then you’ll kind of understand the methodology here of what I do. So basically, my routine is that I’ve been going to the gym four days a week.

So anybody who watched my videos before then, I was going to the gym five to six days a week and I’d take a seventh off, so that was in a different video. But for the past two months it’s been two times. It’s been Monday, Tuesday, skipping Wednesday, then Thursday, Friday, so four times a week and that’s a good workout density for me.

All right?

And I get my lift in on those days so Monday is my chest and it is my back day. Tuesday would be my legs and my shoulders day, and I work some biceps in there. And then Wednesday I take off. And then basically Thursday is a repeat of Monday, only with some different exercises. And then Friday is a repeat of Tuesday with some different exercises.

So that’s something that’s really works for me, especially guys looking to build more muscle. That’s a routine that really works. It allows me to hit my body parts, my muscle groups twice each week, and then it gives me a lot of rest.

Well sometimes I get freaking really bored with it though.  And this is a really good workout, but it doesn’t matter, I get bored.

So my limit is about two months and then I start to get bored, and it’s almost to a tee, when I get bored, the results start to decrease.

Now I don’t care what people tell you. They might tell, “Just push through it or do all this” but isn’t it true that excitement generates results and it is especially true with whatever you’re doing, whatever your fitness goal is. If your fitness goal is to, I don’t care if it’s to lose 100 pounds, get six-pack abs, to whatever, to build muscle, even to improve your health, those results happen faster when you are incredibly motivated and exciting.

And the way to do that is to switch it up.

So two weeks ago, I switched up my routine and I’d done it in the past so I just happen to know it works for me. And if any of you have a similar routine to what I do, then basically what you can do is you can simply work this in.

So basically what I did is I came back and said, “Okay, so something about my routine that I’m getting sick of is I had to be spending about an hour in the gym.”

All right?

So that goes for every day, I tend to be spending about an hour in there and it just gets mundane and basically what I did, the number one thing I did is that I said, “I’m gonna go to the gym now and I’m only gonna spend 20 minutes at the gym.” And instead of four days a week (which is a good workout density for me), what I’m going to do is I’m going to go into that gym and I’m going to go in there five days a week.

All right?

And I’m going to work a body part each day so chest, back, legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and then I throw cardio.

Now what I’ve done with my cardio is something a little different. So I throw my cardio at the back end of every one of those days. Now nothing extreme because I’m not gonna be able to recover from it. So basically what I do is I take my cardio, let’s say on a Monday and Wednesday will be my sprint day. Come back on Tuesday and I’ll just walk. I’ll walk on an incline. Maybe Wednesday will be a Stairmaster, and Thursday will be a combo of things, and Friday will be also a combo of things with some abs.

So basically in doing that, 20 minutes at the gym with about 10 minutes of cardio at the end, light now except for Mondays, light cardio, what it does for me personally and if you try this, I’m guessing it might do it for you, is my excitement’s up because everything is very rapid when I’m in there, when I’m getting my workout’s done, it’s very rapid, I know I’m in and I’m out. Secondly what it does, it keeps my heart rate up.

It’s a different type of a lift. All right? So it’s a very quick lift where’s in the past, I was spending an hour and doing a slower lift with necessarily heavier weights and it’s just different, nothing wrong with that, it’s just different.

So some things that I’ve noticed in doing this is I’m excited. All right, I’ve done this in the past, I’ve been lifting for a long time, my results are up. I’m burning more fat doing it because I’m more excited, and it has essentially put me into a better fat burning zone. My strength is not suffering so I’m not necessarily going to gain a ton of strength doing it because back when I’m in my hour lift,

I’m lifting a lot heavier weights but this is a good workout change-up and I really, really enjoy that.

And also, it’s fun. Above all else, it’s freaking fun and if I’m having fun doing it, my results are going to be better. So regardless of what anybody might say to you about a routine that you have to do. Remember, avoid “exactly.” If somebody tells you to “do exactly this,” there’s no one size that fits all. The main thing that you can do when you go to the gym and you’re lifting weights and doing your cardio with the goal of losing weight, improving your health, burning fat, is you want to make it fun.

So if you walk in there, just because some guy is lifting for an hour and he’s going slow through every single repetition, every single lift, doesn’t mean you have to. You can go faster. You can make it more fun and a lot of times what I’ve seen is that guy might seem to know what he’s doing but if you’re having fun, your results are going to be better.

So this is what I do.  I have a couple different good workout routines and this helps me avoid plateau’s.  It’s a little bit different video. If you liked it, click the like button, guys, below. I’d also love to hear from you so leave a comment. I respond to each.

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