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Is “CLEAN EATING” Making You Store Belly Fat?

Alright guys hello and welcome,

Wanted to take a second and discuss why you might not be getting the results you want at the gym.

This is for people who go to the gym on a consistent bases, I’m not talking about the guy who sits on his ass at home and doesn’t do anything.

For those of you who do go to the gym on a consistent bases, at least four, five even six days a week why aren’t you getting the results?

I see it all the time where I lift, guys and women come back month after month and they look the same, well, why is that?

Now, there is one main culprit in my opinion, especially for those who lift a ton.  Those who are in the gym and working hard constantly.  That culprit is that you are not eating enough.

You don’t eat enough.

You don’t eat enough of the right foods.

You are taking “clean” eating to an extreme.

I know you go to websites and you watch videos and you watch these people constantly talk about you got to eat organic and you got to stay away from all these certain types of food and you got to eat clean clean clean!

I was stuck in that rut for years.

It’s not that eating clean is bad.  It’s very good and you should make sure you diet is healthy.  But what a lot of people don’t realize because it’s kind of “TABOO” is that eating super clean can be a recipe for disaster for many people.

Especially for those who go to the gym on a consistent basis.

Raise you hand if this describes you; you go to the gym four, five days a week… some of you six (that might be over doing it) and you work extremely hard consistently and sometimes you wake up and you’re really in love with your body and other times your body looks just flat.

Your muscle are not full.

It looks like on your stomach you’ve actually gained fat in just a matter of a few days.

Your muscle are not full.  You look “skinny fat”.  You look “pudgy”.

What is the reason for this when you work hard, you eat healthy and you are seemingly doing all the right things?

What is going on here?

The #1 thing for me personally and the vast majority of people who work out like this is that you are not eating enough and you are trying to eat too “clean”.

You’re trying to strip all the carbs out of your diet.

You’re trying to eat nothing but protein and vegetables and health fats.  And don’t get me wrong that is phenomenal because you want to eat good.  But some of you are going overboard to the extreme where you bodies are just looking tired.

You are not getting the calories and the dense food you need to develop.

Remember, I’m not talking to those who just sit around all day and don’t do shit.  People who never workout.

I’m talking specifically to you guys who are bustin’ it in the gym consistently and your strength is not going up and your stomach fat isn’t going anywhere (you can’t see your abs).

So how do you fix this?

Speaking from my own personal experience (and everyone tends to respond a little different), what works for me is to immediately bump your carb intake.

Eat that extra sweet potato during the day.

Eat that extra cup of rice.

Eat those things after you lift, before you lift.  Eat those things before you go to bed.

I know that’s the big myth; don’t eat carbs before you go to bed, but that is bullshit.  Especially for those who work really hard in the gym and there are studies to show this.

Basically you want to bump your carb intake.

Even eat a couple more eggs during the day.  I’m talking whole eggs.

I know these are things that most of you are scared to do, because you’ve had bad experiences in the past and they seem counter-intuitive.  I mean, for most people who are experienced… who exercise often (lift weights and do cardio)… eating an excess of these foods has made you fat in the past.

And yes, you can overdo it.

But if you’re body is in a state of gaining fat and not having full muscles… basically looking “skinny fat”… eating the way that I am saying is the magic elixir.

And if you are honest with yourself, you are probably working out far harder now than you were back when you found these foods were making you fat.  And when you are working really hard continuously, eating all this food is not going to store.  It’s going to balance itself out.

LISTEN.  HARK UNTO ME.  I’m not telling you to go out and be a pig.

This is all within reason.

Be smart.  Just eat more and gauge your results.

For the next seven days do these two things…

Cut back a little on your workout.

Cut back on your cardio days.  Instead of multiple days leave it to just one day a week that is a very short intense session.

Cut down on the volume of your lifts.  I know I say in some of the videos I’ve recently shot that I like a volume workout and I really do.  But remember, I’m talking to those of you who are not getting the results because you’ve worked your body into a rut. 

Try these things.

Pick up the carb intake.  Schedule are cheat day.  Eat a piece of cake

Try this for the next 7 days.

Go out today and eat a lot of carbs.  Eat that pizza.   And watch what happens the next morning you wake up.  A lot of times you hear these called “re-feeds” in the bodybuilding community.  

Remember, be smart about it.  But loosen your diet up and watch what happens.

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