Running To Lose Weight Fast

Running To Lose Weight Fast

Person running for exercise and weight loss

Thinking of running to lose weight fast?

If yes, then watch the video below because I’m going to share with you a very interesting story about running and diet and why you may want to reconsider what you’re currently doing to get thin.

This is based on my own personal results.  But here’s the thing, I’ve since used this info to help many others get rapid results that were not getting anywhere by their insistent running to lose weight.

So if you want a natural way to lose weight, then this is for you.

Here’s the video – make sure to watch all of it.

Watch Running To Lose Weight Fast On Youtube

What do you think?

Once again, if running to lose weight has been working for you then, by all means, keep doing it.  It’s just that I’ve found a mix of muscle development and high-intensity cardio to be far more effective.

I realize this is almost “counter-intuitive”.

Most people have this idea in their minds that CARDIO type exercises such as running are better for getting results.  After all, how could a “slow” workout like lifting weights burn more calories than running?

But what you may not realize is that it can do just that.

When you focus on muscle you contract that fiber.  That fiber then breaks down and reconstructs itself (that’s why you get sore after lifting weights).  Well, this breaking down and building up burns a TON of calories and on hand fat stores.

So lifting weights can actually be a vital compliment for burning fat along with running because you’re not only burning calories while you lift, but for days on end after the exercise session while muscle is breaking down and rebuilding.

Imagine exercising like this 5 days each week!

Also, one of the major advantages that weight training and other muscle development exercises have over running is that they tend to be “sustainable”.

Running to lose weight, especially if you’re doing this on a daily basis, tends to wear down your body giving you sore joints, knees and hips.

Strength training can be done in a way that actually benefits joints.

Once again…

There Are 2 Problems With RunningRunning daily hard on knees

1.  It can be very hard on your joints (knees, back, etc). (NOTE:  I believe in high intensity, short burst of running as opposed to long distance.  Just my opinion based on what I’ve seen.  Here’s more on sprinting)

2.  It’s a “steady state” exercise.

First, let’s address #1.

And once again – I realize a lot of this is repeat, but I want to make sure everyone understands my personal experiences with clients..  I’m not saying that running to lose weight fast is a bad choice for you,  I’m simply saying I believe there are far better methods.

Ok.  So most runners typically run in one of two places.  On the blacktop. Or on the treadmill.

These are what we refer to as “hard” surfaces.

I believe that running long distances on
hard surfaces like concrete roads is
one of the single most harmful exercises
you can partake in for weight loss.

Remember, these are my beliefs.

There are some studies that disagree and some that support my claims.

As I indicated in the video – you need to keep an open mind and determine what’s best for you based on your own “real-life” results.

Here’s a few examples…

Listen to this.  There are actually some studies that have found that running actually can benefit the knees.  One in particular was run at The University of California at San Fransisco and published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.  Participant included people 40 and under with “virgin knees” – basically those who had run in 3 or fewer marathons.

MRI scans recorded on the knees of these runners after finishing marathons could not indicate any significant damage.

On the flip side of this… several studies indicate that this constant “pounding” greatly wears on your knees and other joints.

In my opinion, this is why runners typically have so many joint and feet problems.  It’s just a result of constant impact on hard surface.  Again, not every runner experiences this, but many do.  Especially those who are overweight.

Now let’s talk about #2.

And this is the single biggest reason that I don’t think running to lose weight is the best exercise for you.

Running is a steady state exercise.

This means that it’s performed at a monotonous, constant pace.

Speaking from personal experience, these are NOT the best forms exercise.  From what I’ve seen, a far better option for losing weight would be “Interval Training“.

This simply means,  short burst of intense exercise (like 30 seconds or a minute)… followed by short rest periods of about a minute.  Several studies have indicated that interval training burns far more fat than “steady state” exercises like running to lose weight.)

Plus, like I said, I have also witnessed the results myself.

So if you need to lose weight fast, here’s what I would do.

Try This Instead of Running To Lose Weight Fast

Standing on the scale

If all you’ve been doing is running or some other variation, then I would mix it up a bit and begin to do some form of muscle development exercise at least a couple days each week.

This could be weight lifting (I think that’s best) or some type of bodyweight workout.

Now.  If you refuse to do this (I realize that many of you are as stubborn and set in your ways as I am!) then I would give up running (at least for two weeks) and focus on interval training.

This means you’d still be doing cardio, just something a bit different.

What you could do is use a Stairmaster at the local gym and implement interval training.

Interval training can be done with
pretty much any cardio exercise.
It’s a proven fat burner.

Check out this Great workout for legs – I posted the video on youtube

This means you’d climb super intense for about 60 seconds… and then rest for about 30 to 60 seconds.  Then repeat this several times.

I’d be willing to bet this will work better for you than running.

Now.  You can also apply this form to other workouts.  For example, swimming would be one (which by the way is one of the greatest exercises to burn fat rapidly).  There are others.

Ok.  So I’m all about examples.  It’s one thing to tell people something, it’s completely different to actually show them.  So if you’d still like to run and you’re one of those people who have not been getting some results, but not the best, then switch up the environment.

For example, try running on an incline.

Or better yet.  And based off of my own personal experience I’ve found this to be the best – try interval running on an incline.  This works like gangbusters for burning calories.

Here’s the way it would look.

Run one minute
Rest 30 seconds
Run one minute
Rest 30 seconds
Run one minute
Rest 30 seconds
And so on and so on…

If you repeat this cycle for 10 intervals, you are going to be SHOCKED at how tired you are.  This is also a fool-proof way to BUMP your heart rate through the roof and burn a ton of calories!  If you are going to do this then make sure you have great running shoes.  Seriously guys, don’t try to exercise in junk shoes because it just makes for a poor experience!

I actually had a friend give me the NIKE’s below as a gift and I love them.  They are lightweight and like “heaven” on my feet!

running to lose weight fast

If you’re running to lose weight or whatever type of exercise you’re doing, the shoes will make a world of difference.  I also have some friend at the Gym who swear by Vibram fivefingers.  Have you ever seen this type of shoes…

Running to Lose Weight Fast Vibrams

There are actual studies on them that show that these shoes strengthen your feet!  It makes perfect sense because walking around in bare feet can actually improve your posture and alignment – so this would be the next best thing.   Plus, you can actually run in these things guys!  Just something to spice up your running and other exercises a little.

If You Need To Lose Weight Fast – Do This

Alright.  So there was a bunch of info on running to lose weight fast.  For those of you who really want rapid results.  Then, as I indicate in the video above, you’re going to want to mix your exercise with some basic diet tips.

That’s all the info I have for now guys.

I truly hope you found this article and video useful.

After reading the home page make sure to visit the site map below and check out all the articles on workout routines.  Or better yet, simply visit the search tab above and type in muscle development for some alternatives to running.  Taking the time to read this info will dramatically increase your chances of rapid results.

Once again guys, it’s all about widening your point of view.

Remember, different approach equals different results!

P.S. Again, I’m not totally against running.  It absolutely has it’s place.  I just see many people doing it on a daily basis not because they enjoy it, but because they believe they have to do it.

I see people at the gym on the treadmill 5 days a week running, but many just don’t seem to be getting any results.  Mostly do to the mundane “steady-state” nature, I’m sure.  There are other reasons of course though.  I talk about that in my guide.  Just remember, the intensity level of the cardio is what is going to make it effective.  That’s why HIIT tends to outperform running and doing other forms of steady state.

It also tends to be better on your knees and joints.

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alejandro garza

i will like you to show me or help me to lose weight im 360lb 6ft 1in tall and i can provabli send you pic and you can post them on your website and see the time how long will take me to lose weight and sorry for the spelling jajaja


My husband has been telling to do weights to help loose weight for quite sometime now and I have been hesitant as most women are not wanting to bulk up. I am 33 yrs old have 2 kids (3 & 6yrs ) and a ruptured disk in my back. I have always been pretty active up until this point. The weight I have now just will not budge”. I’m am 5ft 6 and sadly 165 lbs 🙁 35lbs over weight. Sorry I know this is a lot of details but what you said hit home for me. Doing cardio and eating a kind of veg diet and seeing no results yet I keep doing it. No more. Today I will move to more lean meats, protein diet and start strength training and weights. Changing my mind set,,,,!


Jason thank you for this information. This is so helpful ! My daughter and I are following your program. Couple questions, you try to eat like every 3 hours – correct ? and at each ‘meal’ how many ounces of protein and carbs are you suppose to have ? Also, do you ever include nuts in your meals or protein drinks ? Or eggs ? I have a very good whey protein drink (one world whey) that meets with my non soy, non dairy guidelines that I like and can use almond milk with, would that be an acceptable meal ? Is there a calorie limit you should try to meet ? Thanks. I live in WI also.


Hey Jason, I have a problem. I have been doing running for a month(pretty much every day 5km) now and sometimes also push-ups and stuff like that, but i have not seen any big results, im 15 but still, i care how i look,and yes i am a bit over weight (5-7 kg) and i would really like it to be gone and I really want good abs and muscles,what should i start doing, to get this as fast as possible?

Amanda Kelly

Hey thanks for this awesome resource, I started working on your tips and will let you know abmout my improvements.


Hi! So can you explain more about lean protein? I searched online and most of the recommendations show supplementations. I would really like to avoid using supplements